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The ATTA Protocol had quite a run during April 2022. So here’s a monthly Report to keep you updated with what happened during the month of April.


The ATTA team made a lot of changes on their website.. These changes include:

  • Navigation Bar optimization
  • ATTA Main Page layout adjustment
  • ATTA Main Page text and content adjustment
  • Fixed several bugs


  • The ambassadors of the ATTA PROTOCOL initiated a Trivia session in the Discord community. A total of 6 winners got to share the rewards.

More details on the trivia session in image below

  • There was also a conducted survey for the ATTA community for users to comment their questions, which will be answered in the upcoming ATTA AMA.

Details of the AMA in image below

In the coming months, ATTA plans to release alot of its products.. So stay tuned.

Big announcements coming soon.

About ATTA

ATTA is a Web3 OGC+PUGC content protocol powered by ATTA DAO. We aim to build the next-generation content ecosystem with a decentralized entertainment platform to financialize OGC and PUGC content flow. Our protocol provides a simple product experience with three major functions at launch: video streaming, content curation, and NFT Marketplace. With a team of entertainment veterans and web3 natives, we strive to supercharge content creators for the continued generation of hitting ideas while maximizing their business value.

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