ATTA PROTOCOL partners with Ceres DAO

2 min readSep 1, 2022

ATTA Protocol has announced a partnership with ASSURE. Incase you forgot, ATTA protocol rolling festival is LIVE. If you haven’t gotten your ticket, go over to to get your pass and stand a chance to win $POPCORN.

Lets take a deeper dive at both projects.


Ceres, the Goddess of agriculture, grain crops, and fertility, symbolizes abundance in Greek mythology. Ceres DAO, which is named after Ceres, hopes to bring value to all the investors.

Ceres DAO is a decentralized digital asset management protocol empowered by Web 3.0. Ceres DAO’s mission is to bring decentralization and transparency to the assets management space.

Ceres DAO is focused on DAO investment management protocols, with decentralization as the core concept, creating growth technology and funding for new quality projects and rebuilding community trust and security, breaking the monopolistic investment structure and unequal pattern of institutions and capital, and ensuring fair access to public infrastructure for all, making quality projects truly transparent, fair investment and greater returns.

Ceres DAO is also committed to discover, invest, and incubate projects with great potential. By building a comprehensive ecosystem, combining the resources from various fields, Ceres DAO is aimed to become the world’s largest decentralized digital assets management protocol and the “Berkshire Hathaway” of the crypto industry.


The ATTA DAO will enable the creation, consumption, and debate of content in a next-generation entertainment community. In order to fulfill their ideas, new directors and new material will need to be exposed to a larger audience, and copyrights will need to be better secured. This next generation of the content ecosystem is what we are working to build.

We think that the only way the content industry, like any other real economy, can reach a win-win scenario is by assisting content producers as much as they can in exploring and satisfying the wide range of customer wants. We are committed to using a web3-native strategy to maximize the economic value for all stakeholders as we identify and address consumers’ content consumption demands in all areas. Our mission is to empower content creators for the ongoing development of blockbuster ideas while optimizing their financial worth. Our core team is made up of industry veterans with decades of experience in entertainment and web3 native entrepreneurs.


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