How to create a Solcial token

1 min readJun 8, 2022


On Solcial, everyone is a winner. Users can also own their market cap by inventing their own tokens, which create a lot of revenue.

Solcial Platform, as a decentralized social network, allows creators to profit from their work while also allowing users to engage with their favorite creators without worry of being banned or censored.

"Do I need to employ a developer or a team because I can't build smart contracts or perform other technical tasks?" is a common query. No! There are no technicalities with Solcial.

It’s simple.

Just sign up for a account. You could have automatically manufactured your own SPL token in less than a minute. Solscan allows you to trade and scan in the same way that a standard smart contract does.

What utilities are attached to holding the Solcial Token?

Holders of your Token can access private content such as trading calls, blogs, or any other special information.

The possibilities are unlimited with Solcial, and you may profit from your material without fear of being banned or prohibited.

Now is the time to join the Solcial Revolution.

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