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Online income generation shouldn’t be as challenging, perplexing, and seemingly impossible as it currently is. Gatekeeper restrictions and exorbitant fees that make online businesses all but unprofitable shouldn’t apply to people who produce content, market their skills, or provide services.

Creators Are Paid
With Solcial, you can earn money as a creator while empowering your audience without worrying about censorship or demonetization. By selling your tokens to your audience on Solcial, you can grant them access to premium content. You can monetize through NFTs and by merely allowing your fans to invest in you through your token if you’d prefer to keep all of your content free.

On Web2, the options for monetization for creators are constrained and stuck. Platforms control the revenue amounts, take a sizable cut, and have the freedom to delete content at their discretion. This power is taken by Solcial and given to you. Why must you work for free until you have a large audience? Why are you unable to monetize as you gain more fans? Quality content is rewarded over clickbait and attention-grabbing posts by Solcial, which changes how creators are monetized.

Although users who do not post on the platform might believe they are unable to make money as well, the path to monetization is clear for creators. That is untrue. Users and creators can both make money on Solcial. Users can directly invest in creators, unlike Web2 platforms, and profit as the creator expands. By allowing them to participate in the action, this capacity for speculation moves fans from the audience who have been watching the creator develop to the center of the action. Solcial might become your new go-to side gig if you have an eye for talent.

People may even begin to take notice of your ability to identify early-stage creators and invest in them, which may lead to other users investing in you to benefit from your knowledge and advice. There are countless options.

Because you are the product being sold to businesses paying for advertisements on Web2, you cannot earn money as a casual user. You can make money on Web3 by gambling with your friends on creators and communities.

Additionally, you can sell and buy with friends while showcasing your NFT collection. Additionally, buying your friends’ tokens and having them buy yours can be amusing.

On Web2 you make no money as a casual user, because you are the product being sold to companies paying for ads. On Web3 you have the chance to earn by speculating on creators and communities with your friends.

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