4 min readSep 1, 2022

Solar dVPN can also change your IP address to look like you’re in a different country. So, should you get a dVPN while traveling? As long as it’s on, a dVPN helps keep your sensitive online account information safe from scammers no matter where you are. Sounds like a yes to us!

Here’re some reason you should use Solar dVPN while traveling.

  • Protect important information

Unfortunately, real-life hackers are sneaky and often go unnoticed. They access devices connected to public Wi-Fi to steal information or install malicious malware.

However, travelers rely on public Wi-Fi at airports, cafés, hostels, and other places to stay connected with loved ones, do important work, and more. This often leaves travelers vulnerable and makes them easy targets.

Solar dVPN ensures that prying eyes can’t see your sensitive information. Just make sure that your dVPN is connected at all times, especially with unstable Internet connections.

  • Access blocked websites

In the US, we enjoy access to social media websites, news sites, and Internet streaming service content. So, should you get a VPN for traveling?

Consider this: In China, Iran, Russia, Cuba, and many other countries, the government censors or bans popular websites like Facebook and Google. With a VPN, you can hide your IP address and connect with a different country’s server, so you can get past those firewalls and explore the Internet freely.

Outside of your local country, you’ll also see different content available to watch on your Netflix account. Or, you may not have access at all. For example, since your HBO account is attached to your local country, you won’t have access to it when you travel internationally.

However, with Solar dVPN, you can connect to a server in the US and continue binge-watching your favorite shows and movies!

  • Prevent companies from freezing your account

Most of us have lots of online accounts, such as bank accounts, credit card accounts, email accounts, etc. It can be a real pain to remember to notify all of those providers of your travel itinerary and timeframe.

An even bigger pain is when you’re unable to access funds when you’re out of the country because your accounts have been frozen due to your new location.

Sometimes providers will require you to jump through extra hoops of security or call them, which is pretty inconvenient when you’re in a different time zone and outside of your local country’s business hours.

However, with Solar dVPN, you can connect to your home country’s server, and ta-da! You’ve made them think you haven’t gone anywhere so no red flags are raised. This ensures quick, easy access to your accounts.

  • Stay safe while browsing

If you’re studying or working abroad, you’ll probably be browsing the Internet quite frequently for research purposes. Not only does Solar dVPN allow you to bypass censored sites, but it also blocks Google from tracking your every move. You’ll be able to explore as much as you’d like without the risk of exposure.

Another plus? You can download Solar dVPN to all of your devices, so you can use frequent apps, websites, and games without worrying about accidentally downloading malicious malware that would cause annoying pop-ups, website redirects, viruses, or even open you up to a case of identity theft. Solar dVPN will block all of that in its tracks.

Now you know why it’s a good idea to have Solar dVPN! Whether you’re checking your bank accounts or working remotely online, using Solar dVPN while traveling ensures sensitive information doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. In other words, Solatr dVPN’s your VIP for privacy and security!