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On the web 2.0, censorship has been beneficial. This phenomenon has been incorporated into popular social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. They accomplish this by routinely removing content that they find offensive using frequently updated categories specified in their policies. content that glorifies violence, is abusive, harmful, or contains hate speech These platforms may even take the extreme step of deactivating or suspending any accounts that disobey their censorship rules. This is a huge benefit because the contents mentioned above are unquestionably unsafe and unhealthy for the suggested victims.

Risks of Web 2.0

Censorship’s saddest effect is that it gives users of these social media sites the impression that their right to free speech is being restricted. Instances where people become paralyzed by the fear of speaking out against the injustices taking place in society could result from the restriction or deprivation of freedom and have a negative knock-on effect on the users. Web 2.0 social media censorship places restrictions on reliable information that could strengthen local communities in an effort to block harmful content. The ability of users of social media to express themselves freely is severely constrained by this.

The web 2.0 social media platforms give their users the impression that they are minors with no right to protest or question the owners of these social media platforms, which is another negative aspect of censorship. Therefore, the government exploits this censorship by suspending or blocking accounts that pose a threat to their authority. Only higher beings who have control over what common people can see and say can possess this power.

Introducing Solcial — A Web3 Social Network

A web 3.0 social network powered by blockchain, Solcial. Additionally, Solcial is a permissionless social network that encourages freedom of speech by enabling users to communicate without worrying about being blocked or censored. Additionally, Solcial enables users to receive fair compensation for each piece of content they create on the platform. Isn’t that a blessing, then? Join Solcial right away to protect yourself from unjust censorship.

You can grant your audience access to premium content by selling your tokens to them on Solcial. If you’d rather keep all of your content free, you can also make money by letting your followers invest in you using your token or by using NFTs.

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